***Please Note that Monthly Tuition is based on 4 classes in a month. If there are classes canceled due to holidays or Studio Closures, Tuition will be prorated. tuition listed in the Dance Studio Pro are not always correct, always check our front desk or Student FB Page for each months rate.

Class Expectations

Registration: Students who attend more than one class are expected to be registered in the Student Portal. 

Tuition can be paid in class (cash/check) or via Venmo (@tahitimana) or paypal (inquire for email) or through the Student Portal (Dance Studio Pro), although please note the balances in the portal are not always up to date. Tuition is expected to be paid one week before the first of the new month or by the 1st class of the month at the latest. 

Attire: Female students are expected to wear a Pareu (sarong) around their hips (flat tie, not rolled). There is no dress code for the classes except intermediate Class (Tuesday - Red Pareu, White Top; Sunday - Black Pareu, Black Top) Poly-Cotton or Cotton Pareu are required for Intermediate class except the 1st of the month, rayon is allowed.

Pareu can be purchased at Aloha Fabrics (Dole Cannery), both adult and child sizes or Aloha Hula Supply (by Target Aiea), adult sizes.

Male students can wear comfortable shorts. 

It is highly recommended to bring a hand towel for sweat and water to hydrate.


Please leave your slippers and worries at the door. 

Be kind and respectful to all. 

Give your best effort, but be patient with yourself, 'Ori Tahiti takes time to master.

Please do not touch the mirrors or implements. 

Inform the instructor if you are injured or sick.

If you must leave class early inform the instructor before class. 

Questions are allowed as long as they are not disruptive to class.  

Be open to constructive criticism. 

Sign in when you arrive to class. 

Most importantly, smile,  have fun!!